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Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY


Mimiko Rayne Salome Anais Calisto Lexi Layla Adele Belle



Poison Paige Lydia Mimiko

Salome Athena Adele 

Evelyn Rayne Calisto Belle



Open All Night

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Mistress Lydia of Pandora's Box Dungeon NY

Mistress Lydia of Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY

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Switch Adele of Pandora's Box Dungeon NY

Switch Adele of Pandora’s Dungeon NY

Call 212-242-4577

to be interviewed to be her Master.

From a another very satisfied customer….

adele2Had a session with Mistress Adele 2 weekends ago. The session was all ball busting. She packs a hard kick and hard slaps. She was very communicative during the session. She asked if there were certain things I preferred and certain things I did. She is one of the best ball busters I have seen over the past few years!

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I am the Nordic Goddess Salome and you are my submissive

Pandoras Box NY Presents Mistress Salome

 for 14 years I have been playing the role of New York Domina  

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IMG_5230 (853x1280) IMG_5069 (853x1280)

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Mistress Layla  is back and here  tonight at  Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY.

Mistress Layla of Pandora's Box Dungeon NY

Mistress Layla of Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY

Call 212-242-4577 for a special special session with Mistress Layla


Call 212-242-4577 to set up a session with Mistress Mimiko.


At Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY

we are always providing our clients with

New York’s most sought after Dommes.  

We would like to introduce to you

Mistress Paige

paige_web text


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Mistress Mimiko

Mistress Mimiko of Pandora’s Box



you are My toy & I will have fun with you in every way I deem you worthy..

Email me you fantasy request at Webmistress@PandorasBoxNY.com and I will respond asap


Call me at 212-242-4577


Mistress Salome is now available exclusively at

Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY

Call 212-242-4577 to book an appointment.

At Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY we love to transform YOU into a lovely young lady.  

In our fully stocked Cross-Dressing Room we have everything you need to feel that inner beauty we all know you have.  

Have one our Mistresses guide you into the girl of your dreams.  

Private or Public you can one hell of an experience in our Pink Room….PROMISE!

dungeon 2 204 copy large_china_three  DSC_0077large_china_five

Call 212-242-4577 for you makeover!

Mistress Athena with Tala and Selen of Pandora's Box Dungeon NY

Mistress Athena with Tala and Selen of Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY

Call 212-242-4577 and experience our expert Rope Bondage Techniques!

Mistress Haley of Pandora's Box Dungeon

Mistress Haley of Pandora’s Box Dungeon

Idiots in the Basement

By: Mistress Haley

Slave Walter awakes with a sharp pain in the testicles. He peers up to see me standing above him, my stiletto on his crotch, and begins to whimper. “Please m-m-m-Mistress, forgive me…… me………. ” he stammers. It’s 9 am, and he’s been sleeping on my kitchen floor, dressed in nothing but his frilly little maid’s outfit.  “I thought I told you to have slave Michael out of his cage and making my breakfast by 9 am. Do you know what time it is?!” He tries to grasp at my dress, his hands rubbed raw from scrubbing the floor all night.  “Please, please,” he begs, “I accidentally fell asleep, and……. it’ll never happen again, my Mistress, and……..”   “Shut your pathetic mouth! There is no excuse for you; you are a disgrace!” I scream. I stomp on his Read the rest of this entry »

dear mistress

i hope you can help.

recently my wife and i have been argueing that i don’t understand how hard it is to be a women and the inconvinices women must go thru.  

she believes for me to understand i should walk 1 full year in a womens world.

so now we made an agreement that for 1 year i will.

my wife  now has me in a chastity belt, and i must wear panties and a braa under my clothes all the time.on weekends she has me dressed in sexy

underwear,bra,garter,stockings,dress,and high heel shoes. once a month she makes me share her pain when she has here friend,

i too must endure wearing them and inserting them.

but now this is where i need your help.my wife wants me to receive  a full gyno exam..

i need to be dressed and feminized by you .. then forced down on the gyno table and to be fully restrained and gagged with my legs locked in the

stir ups and receive a full medical exam,as a women does.. she wants me to understand how embarrassing this experience can be…

i hope i didnt bore you with this story. but its the truth.

can you help.







Mistress Leigh taking care of business with Switch Adele

Mistress Leigh taking care of business with Switch Adele

Adele has been very bad girl trying to steal Mistress Leigh’s boyfriend.  Actually this is nothing…wait to see what Mistress Leigh has in store for the boyfriend…

Mistress Leigh with Slave Pepper

Mistress Leigh with Slave Pepper

Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY:  I’m lying on my back on the cool, nighttime grass, gazing up at the leaf-covered branches of a tall tree.  I watch the branches dance from side to side, forced by the strong summer wind.  The full moon shines brightly in the night sky, surrounded by scattered, small, dimly lit stars.  I see the moon only partially as the tree’s branches and leaves sway in front of the moon’s face.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything more beautiful and I’ve never felt more alive and yet more at peace, at the same time.  I take a deep breath and breathe in the crisp, fresh night air and close my eyes with the memory of the vision of the strikingly beautiful moon exposing itself to me through the tree’s branches filling my mind.

I open my eyes and find myself lying on my back on the bondage table in the Sanctum roomRead the rest of this entry »

Can’t get out of your crib??  

Let the telephone bring you some pleasure today~

Phone Sessions are always available at Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY

Call for more details


Pandora's Box Dungeon NY Fetish World

Complete darkness…..check

Complete silence…check


Full Body Suit…check

Rope Bondage Points…check

Mistress waiting….check

At Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY we just completed our newest room for YOU!

The Deprivation room at the Box is available for short and extended stays.

Call 212-242-4577 or email Webmistress@PandorasBoxNY.com

to discuss how you want to play this out

We were just on the web surfing and found this amazing website of a Dungeon overseas that operates like a courtroom and jail.

Click Femdom Jail to check it out

Check out this site and if you want to pay for your crimes we can make it happen.

We have the guards, the Judge and jail cell with prison clothes, chain and ball.

We also have many torture rooms for you if you continue your bad ways!

Call us to do your time at 212-242-4577.  We offer multiple hour discounts and overnight stays.

And….don’t think you could break out of this jail because if you try….SOLDIERY CONFINEMENT!!!!

Jail Cell at Pandora's Box NY

Jail Cell at Pandora’s Box NY


Mistress Leigh using our Vacuum Body Bag

Mistress Leigh using our Vacuum Body Bag

Pandora’s Box NY is ALWAYS improving our Dungeon for the best customer experience.

Come and try our new and improved Body Bag installed with frame.  

If your fetish is to be air tight locked in a latex bag with one of our Mistresses

call us at 212-242-4577 to book the Medical Room.


Toto…..come out and play!


Call Pandora’s Box Dungeon for a very special Foot Fetish session


Mistress Haley has a sadistic nature that will seductively push you to your limits.  Being a natural sadist, Haley loves nothing more, than a slave that will go above and beyond, just to please her…


Mistress Haley sessions exclusively at Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY.

Outcall  available with Mistress Haley.

Call 212-242-4577 or email Haley@Pandorasboxny.com

Mistress Della of Pandora's Box Dungeon NY

Mistress Della of Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY

Call 212-242-455 to book a session with Mistress Della

PBLatex3PBLatex2 PBCatsuit1

Lily knows how to break you down and show you the true meaning of obedience. You filthy pain sluts will succumb to the pleasure of the torture She inflicts, begging for mercy only after she pushes your mind and body beyond what you thought you could take. Don’t worry, Lily respects all limits and loves newcomers — but be prepared for Her to mold you from pathetic novice into an obedient slave worthy of Her time.

Call 212-242-4577

If you are a devoted slave with incredible strength and a genuine desire to fulfill my every wish,

I may have some use for you. 


Call 212-242-4577 for an appointment

I am Mistress Belle.  A gorgeous blonde goddess, tall and lean and blessed with the proportions of a model, I am a former school teacher. My greatest pleasure is corporal punishment and I am well trained in the arts of flogging, cropping, and paddling. I have Masters degrees in both Education and History and I delight in feminization, sissy training, role playing, and smoking fetishists.  I love everything latex and have an extensive wardrobe. Those who serve me exceptionally well may even be allowed to worship my perfect body and delicate high-arched feet.

Mistress Isabelle

Mistress Belle

Call 212-242-4577 to book a session with Mistress Belle


Mistress Rozz of Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY

Call 212-242-4577 to book an appointment with this lovely sadistic Mistress


Call 212-242-4577


The exquisite and experienced Mistress Lady Cyn is now back at Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY accepting slaves.

Lady Cyn is Truely a Princess of Complete Elegance and Domination!

This playfully Sadistic Woman will Compel you into submission with her sultry Voice, Firm Physique, wild imagination, and her passion for most aspects of BDSM.

Call 212-242-4577 or email Webmistress@Pandorasboxny.com


To book a session with

Sub Lexi

Call 212-242-4577

Mistress Divina of Pandora’s Box Dungeon NY

Mistress Divina of Pandora's Box

Mistress Divina of Pandora’s Box

Mistress Divina of Pandora's Box

Mistress Divina of Pandora’s Box

Call 212-242-4577

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